Gift Card Policy

We offer two types of gift cards: eGift cards and physical gift cards. These gift cards can be used to purchase any items available on If the purchase amount is less than gift card value, the rest can be used for the next purchase.

eGift cards encompass gift cards of four values: $250, $500, $750 and $1000. It’s necessary to enter the name and email of the recipient. Also, you can include the message for the recipient and the name of the sender (optional). The email with a gift card can be sent on a specific day by your wish.

Physical gift cards encompass gift cards of three values: $250, $500 and $750. The message for the recipient can be included, printed and sent with the gift card in the delicately packaged envelope. The shipping information has to be filled at the checkout.

The gift card expires in a year after it was purchased.