Items to add to your Christmas Wishlist (featuring not only Milla Dresses)

Items to add to your Christmas Wishlist (featuring not only Milla Dresses)

The holiday season is indeed a wonderful time of the year. Especially, when all the presents for the dearest are carefully selected in advance and you can avoid stress related to last-minute shopping.

And for our Milla girls to receive what they truly want, you should prepare your wishlist in advance and send it to your friends and family, so that they are in time to buy you everything, before the holiday fever hits hard and stores are empty.
If you are lacking ideas of what to wish for, we created this small ideas guide: use it for yourself or for Nice People on your list. 

What to ask Santa if you are the Beauty Maniac

The task seems definitely Mission Possible - just give some nice eye palette or bottle of trendy Eau de parfum. But then you remember, that as the biggest Beauty Maniac, you already possess all 5-star rated makeup and latest niche perfume releases. No worries, as there are some wonderful options you could appreciate:

  • silk sleep mask, hair turbans and pillow sheets, to compliment any night routine
  • mini skincare refrigerator, to keep all the eyepatches and favorite serums cool, fresh and always ready to apply
  • face tools and massagers, to add some self-care to skincare
  • gift certificates to your favorite beauty salon to try out new facials or for a SPA weekend
  • body rollers to release intensity in those sore muscles
  • certificate to any beauty-related personalize experiences, for example, composition of your own fragrance 

Add this: for the Cute Geek

We think you are the type of Milla girl who talks about bitcoin`s all-time high and Facebook rebranding. To make you happy, you have to make your restless brain busy and enjoy some new edge technology. For that occasion you can ask for:

  • subscription for business or tech online magazine, which includes some printed issues as well 
  • limited or special edition of Geek`s (your) favorite book. You can never have enough Little Prince or Harry Potter editions :)
  • stylish air purifier device, technology which improves the quality of life
  • fun board game - to pass long winter nights in friends circle or your own company
  • merch of Geek`s ( your)  favorite podcaster

Gifts from Santa if you are the Daring Wanderluster

When pandemic restrictions start to ease, wanderlusters are already packed and ready to go. So anything which helps to elevate your travelling experience is a great option.

  • Ask for a high-quality set of organizers. Or, stylish luggage tag and scale will be helpful and reliable companions as well
  • a colorful, stylish cabin suitcase would be a perfect gift to ask for if you are a light packer who doesn't like to overpay for additional luggage
  • flight voucher - let Santa support your expenses for new discoveries
  • tickets to an event abroad - to make sure you will definitely have a good time travelling
  • a scratch map and travel diary to embrace your passion 

If you are the Interior Enthusiast

Home is indeed a fortress for Interior Enthusiasts, and there's no bigger joy for you to keep elevating your living space. To cherish your calling to make everything cosier you can ask for:

  • fine wool throw blanket - to warm yourself not only with holiday memories
  • smart garden - no matter what climate we`re in, there`s always fresh basil to spice up a festive meal
  • beauty sleep or orthopaedic pillow to improve your night resting experience
  • fancy aroma diffuser and set of citrus essential oils. As an Interior Enthusiast you most probably already have plenty of bougie candles, so you can be inventive with this one.  
  • sunrise lamp - to make sure there`s always plenty of vitamin D during this foggy season

Gifts ideas for Fancy Fashionista 

Oh, you, bestie, are definitely not the easiest to please. Your taste is even more sophisticated than your looks. But anything which helps you to shine bright during holidays is a green light for people to give you. So, perfect gifts you as Fashionista could receive:

  • coffee table book about outstanding designs and fashion capitals
  • photoshoot gift card - to capture your best looks and create some nice new content for insta
  • statement sparkling rhinestone earrings - to glam up even a simple white blouse in morning instastories
  • suede or silk hair accessories - effortless yet chic
  • Milla`s gift card - no matter if you will spend it on order for New Year's Eve gown or co-ord set  for a cocktail party. One thing is for sure: this is the gift to remember and gives you options which dress to choose from.

*Milla’s gift cards work as promo codes which you enter when checkout. If your purchase is smaller than the gift card amount, the sum which is left is topped up to your account and you can use it next time. Just do the purchase with a logged-in account.

Overall, no matter what your budget and receivers are, your loved ones will definitely appreciate the effort and attention. As long as you`re nurturing their biggest passions and attentive to details. And genuinely enjoying the process.

More winter holidays and Christmas inspiration are on Milla’s Pinterest <3