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White Lace Wedding Dress: From History To Modern Days 

A wedding is one of the most critical events in life. The bride and groom want to remember this festive event and look special. For this, the bride-to-be chooses a wedding dress weeks before the ceremony and tries to make it look attractive and hide flaws. Many ladies choose a traditional white lace bridal dress. This is a classic that will always be trendy. Does a white dress suit everyone, and what accessories should go with it? We’ll in the article below.

Why Choose A White Lace Bridal Robe?

In the old days, only the wealthiest women in society could afford to wear white clothes because cleaning them was not so easy. Therefore, it was often possible to wear them only a few times. Princess Philippa of Lancaster, who married the Scandinavian king Eric of Pomerania in 1406, became the first bride to wear white to a wedding.

On the other hand, in France, white color has long been the color of mourning for monarchs. Beautiful white lace bridal gowns became famous thanks to the wedding of the British Queen Victoria to Prince Albert.

The white color also has its symbolism, which fits perfectly into the sacrament of marriage. White means purity and innocence. Over the years, the production of white fabrics has become cheaper, and dresses have become more diverse thanks to Coco Chanel and numerous fashion designers. However, in the 20th century, white wedding dresses became the standard in churches and wedding halls and gained immense popularity.

A simple white lace wedding dress quickly replaced traditional wedding costumes worldwide. For example, in China and Japan, the color of wedding dresses has been red since time immemorial, symbolizing wealth. However, there are no rules for a bride to wear white on her wedding day.

Who Chooses A White Lace Wedding Gown?

Probably, a wedding dress suits every girl. After all, everyone wants to become a princess, at least for a day. It is more important to choose the proper cut and style. Options with open shoulders or a slit on the skirt are suitable for slender brides. A white and lace Milla Nova dress with an A-silhouette is an excellent option for ample busts and an hourglass figure. A dress with a V-neck visually lengthens the constitution, and a corset tightens the waist.

What Accessories To Choose For A White Wedding Dress?

Thanks to the selection of appropriate accessories, you can give each wedding dress a unique character. A white lace wedding dress is often also beautiful in a solo version. But if you want to add highlights, consider such accessories:

  1. A long veil below the hip line, made of flowing tulle, will undoubtedly complement any wedding image.
  2. Сapes and scarves are also good additions to the wedding dress. If they are additionally decorated with shiny or lace accessories, they will add a zest to a white wedding dress and diversify the whole look.
  3. It is also essential to choose the right jewelry for the outfit. Your accessories should match not only the dress but also the bride. Silver and platinum go best with white bridal lace.
  4. A handbag is an element that adds elegance to a wedding style. In this case, you should bet on a fabric bag. It can also be decorated with crystals or pearls if such elements are present in wedding accessories. Then the whole image will look harmonious.

What Shoes Go With A White Wedding Dress With Lace?

White shoes will go best with a white wedding dress. However, pay attention to more elegant solutions. For example, buy shoes to match the groom's tie: red, purple, green. It all depends on your imagination.

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