Convertible wedding dresses

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A Convertible Wedding Dress: Original Idea 

Choosing a wedding dress is an exciting, confusing, but a fun task for every bride. After all, on the big day, she will be the queen of the ball. Therefore, a wedding outfit should flawlessly emphasize the figure and fulfill all female whims. And this task will be perfectly handled 2 in 1 wedding dress. What kind of dress is it how to wear this model - we’ll you in this article.

Transformer Wedding Dress: For Who?

To outshine all those present at the ceremony, the bride will not make any special efforts because she is the main character of the upcoming celebration in a dazzlingly magnificent wedding dress. Suppose you want the shoulders covered at the ceremony in the church but not in the restaurant, or you just want to change several outfits for the evening. In that case, you should study the 2 in 1 wedding gowns category.

Advantages Of This Solution

New fashion trends have undergone an exciting transformation in the world of wedding dresses. Instead of uncomfortable classic wedding dresses with huge circles and numerous bulky layers, there is an opportunity to choose a more practical model of the new century - a convertible wedding gown. Such a decision will give the bride freedom of choice: she can try on a long dress with a beautiful skirt and a wedding mini, as well as an option with covered shoulders and bare shoulders.

Models From The Milla Brand Catalog

You will find different options of transformer dresses for unique requirements in our offer:

  1. The ivory NAOMI model consists of an elongated jacket and tulle trousers. The main advantage is that you can wear the jacket with white or black trousers even after the wedding.
  2. ADA dress with a detachable long train will amaze all the guests at the ceremony. If you separate the train, your transformable wedding dress will not hinder your movements, and you can dance all night.
  3. If you prefer covered shoulders at the church ceremony, we recommend VLADA, MEY, SIMONELLE transformation wedding dresses. Each of the models is unique in its way. It is worth considering the figure's specifics and your preferences.

The convertible bridal dress will surely make your dream come true because it is a "two in one" project: from a long and magnificent gown, it can be transformed into a charming, perfectly fitting mini-model at any time. This outfit will become your reliable assistant in any situation. So, during the painting and ceremony in the church, you will look great in an extravagant long dress with a train and a bolero. At the party, you will dance beautifully in a creative mini. What a fantastic wedding idea! The bride in two different outfits will look charming and romantic, captivated by the beauty of the unusual outfit.

A Wedding Convertible Dress Is A Great Addition To Your Wardrobe

Modernity always dictates its conditions. Today, the transformer dress for the bride has gained particular popularity thanks to the latest technology. This is a real innovation in the design of wedding dresses, and modern brides will look like real fashionistas. And individual elements of the image can also be used in the future.

The Milla brand always keeps up with the times, so you can easily choose a convertible wedding dress to suit your needs. We will deliver it not only to the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia) but also worldwide for free.

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