6 Features to Look for in Evening Dresses

6 Features to Look for in Evening Dresses

Puffy sleeves

The reason puffy sleeves are still with us is that they are perfectly gorgeous. One of the most flattering and cute pieces to add to evening dresses. No matter how short or long the dress, the look with puffy sleeves is very memorable and impactful. 

Dramatic layers are a go-to for creating a festive amazing mood. Go with blush dresses for a feminine romantic look or with black ones to make a memorable statement. 

Sequined evening dresses

Not that this is a new trend, but this classic of long or party dresses we are used to is getting new wave within 2020 fashionistas. They are trim, coquettish and look amazing on the dance floor. Sequins are totally there when you need a party mood booster. 
Blue Dresses

Classic Blue is declared the colour of 2020 by Pantone experts. We could not stay away from this trend and our Milla girls too. This is a popular and stunning option and always a safe choice. 
Cinched dresses

Used to be seen on everyday casual clothing, cinched details now are transferred to evening looks too. As long as you are going with a suitable fabric for the evening event, the cinched laces make even simple dresses very sophisticated.


Brave and provocative choice. This trend goes best with short dresses. Nothing more to add, just order one for yourself!
+ those pics from paris with short dresses